Current position of music business and technologies, NFTs and AI... Oct. 27th at 109 cinemas premium SHINJUKU Theater7

October 27 (fri)
11:30 - 13:00


In Europe and the United States, where streaming services have become the backbone of the music ecosystem, the use of NFTs has become a key point as the next source of revenue. In addition, a debate with gaining momentum and attracting attention has begun regarding the relationship between AI (artificial intelligence), which is rapidly evolving technology, and music creation/production.
What is the current situation regarding NFT and AI, which will be inevitable in the music business after 2023? How can we make money? What are the concerns?
In this seminar, we will discuss these real current issue and position.



Norikazu Yamaguchi / StudioENTRE CEO


Kousuke Ban / .mura CEO

RIS-707 / artist