Access / Schedule

Venue: Held online on the TIMM website(

  • The TIMM website will be renovated, and in addition to the page for exhibitors we have always offered, new functions will also be made available including a certain number of IDs assigned to each exhibitor, TIMM’s exclusive buyer list made available only to exhibitors, and a messaging function between participants with IDs (buyers and exhibitors) in an effort to provide support for online negotiations with buyers (please refer to the attached materials and exhibitor’s briefing for further details). 
  • We also plan to provide content such as business seminars and live streaming of audience-less music showcases on the website. Showcase performers must exhibit.
  • This year there will be no brick-and-mortar venue or in-person attendance from overseas buyers.

Schedule: November 4 – 6 (Wednesday – Friday), 2020

  • As TIFFCOM is planned for the same dates, initially the events were planned to be held in conjunction. However, as the events will be held online this year, there will be no collaboration between the events.
  • The main events will be held over the abovementioned three days, but the function for contacting buyers and video archives of seminars and live music showcases will be available until June 30, 2021. We hope you will take advantage of this year’s online TIMM to build long term relationships with buyers.