<As an Exhibitor: The benefits of exhibiting at TIMM>

We highly recommend exhibiting at TIMM to anyone interested in promoting their or their company’s music content or music-related business overseas. 

The following is included in the TIMM exhibitor’s package.

・Performance rights at the live music showcase where you can appeal directly to overseas buyers

・An invitation to the Kick-off Party attended by overseas buyers  

・Guaranteed space for business discussions at the marketplace venue 

・Viewing access to the list of invited overseas buyers

・Online business matching (*) on the TIMM website throughout the year

・Introduction to performance exchanges at collaborative TIMM events (in Europe, N. America, Asia, etc.) such as the Midi Festival (China), Golden Melody Festival (Taiwan), and MU:CON (Korea) (**)

(*) Exhibitors are granted usage rights for one year, which will be extended for one year for each continuous year as an exhibitor.  

(**) Only applies to domestic exhibitions. Depending on the location, the conditions vary for which party will bear travel and accommodation costs. Also, please be aware the collaborative events held change from year to year.  

Acceptance of TIMM exhibitor applications is generally held in June each year. The TIMM secretariat welcomes inquiries from those interested in exhibiting.  

This year’s 17th TIMM will be held online only. Please click here (*pdf link) for further details.

<As a Visitor: The benefits of attending TIMM>

Every year large numbers of people use TIMM as a valuable opportunity to network with the numerous music industry professionals in attendance and gain an understanding of the rapidly changing industry trends at the business seminars offered.   

For those who feel they don’t quite meet the criteria for exhibiting yet, it is possible to attend TIMM with a visitor or one-day pass.

TIMM is attended by professionals engaged in a wide variety of occupations most of whom are in the music industry or represent the overseas divisions of content production companies. TIMM is especially well-known for the opportunities it offers to network with attendees and for personal development by participating in the business seminars. 

TIMM visitor registration and sales of one-day passes are generally held from August – September each year. 

This year’s 17th TIMM will be held online only. Please click here (*pdf link) for further details.

Visitor registration is scheduled to start in October. Details will be announced in the News section.

<Key Figures>


Marking its 17th year this year, TIMM started in 2004 as the Tokyo Asia Music Market (TAM), and the event has continued to grow year after year. JMCE, established by a group of companies in the music business, hosts the event and has developed a stable and steady system of operation over the years with cooperation from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the film and TV marketplace, TIFFCOM.

26 / 200+

Last year’s 16th TIMM was attended by more than 200 overseas buyers from 26 countries and regions. Streaming services, overseas festival organizers, video production companies, and other industry professionals engaged in business discussions regarding Japanese music. TIMM is one of the biggest international business markets for Japanese music.


TIMM engages in artist exchanges with partner events, including Taiwan’s Golden Melody Award Festival, MU:CON in Korea, and China’s Midi Festival.

*This year there will be no artist exchange due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Your understanding is appreciated.


The 16th TIMM attracted a cumulative total of more than 5,000 attendees, most of whom are involved in the music industry, over three days.