Challenges and future prospects for independent music businesses in the APAC region Oct.26th at 109cinemas premium SHINJUKU Theater 7
[Co-organizer] Independent Music Coalition Japan

October 26 (thu)
11:30 - 13:00


World Independent Networks (WIN) is consisted of independent music labels and music production companies around the world. We play an essential role in the music market, discovering new talent such as artists and creators, and providing listeners with a diverse range of music. We are constantly changing and expanding our reach while providing experiences. In this seminar, WIN representatives and the representatives of Independent Music Coalition Japan (IMCJ), which is a member of WIN, will focus on the APAC region, where the music market has been revitalized in recent years, and will talk about independent music labels, music production companies, artists, and creators. We explore the current situation and challenges faced by the world, as well as prospects for the future.


-Takeshi Yamashita
President, Independent Music Coalition Japan(IMCJ)

-Noemi Planas
World Independent Networks(WIN) CEO

- Marty Ro
Director, Label Industry Association of Korea

- Taro Kumabe
Vice President, Independent Music Coalition Japan(IMCJ)