May 5 (thu)


"TIMM Showcase live series 2022 Vol.2"

“TIMM Showcase live series 2022 ” will be held in partnership with “YouTube Weekend vol.5” from May 6 – 8, 2022

Four outstanding artists - Ai Higuchi, MIYAVI, Wagakki Band, EMMA WAHLIN will show up as TIMM supported Artists.

“YouTube Music Weekend” is a program to be carried out regularly in cooperation with Japanese domestic artists and music labels.

The live performances of total 65 artists will be uploaded on YouTube premiere in the official channel of each artist for 3days from May 6, Friday to 8 Sunday, 2022.

“YouTube Music Weekend vol.5” is collaboration event for the first time with Tokyo International music market (TIMM) which sympathizes YouTube’s vision – “Let’s spread the charm of Japanese music to the world”.

Four artists who are expected to be active in the future or who are already popular internationally will appear as the artists supported by TIMM, which help the overseas expansion and international exchange of Japanese music.

Singer-songwriter "Ai Higuchi", who has gained worldwide acclaim for her song "悪魔の子"(Akuma no ko), Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2 ED theme.

Guitarist "MIYAVI", who is the first Japanese to successfully tour the world since the pandemic of the new coronavirus, and boasts global popularity.

"Wagakki Band", a hybrid rock entertainment band that combines ”shigin”, Japanese and Western instruments; and a natural singer with multicultural roots from the United States, Sweden and Japan.

"EMMA WAHLIN" is a female singer with multinational roots in America, Sweden, and Japan, and her gifted voice goes without borders.

Let’s find your favourite artists and support them together!

#YouTubeMusicWeek #Support #WithMe

-TIMM supported Artists / Date & Time(JST) of YouTube Premiere / YouTube channel URL

May 6th 19:55 WagakkiBand

May 8th 10:10 EMMA WAHLIN

May 8th 13:15 Ai Higuchi

May 8th 15:05 MIYAVI

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