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"SCREEN mode" is a new team created by Masatomo (sound producer: Masatomo Ota) and Isamu-YOU (voice actor: Isamu Hayashi)!

The team’s name "SCREEN mode" hopes to burn the SCREEN (i.e. image) of the sound, created by fusing Isamu-You's vocals and Masatomo's music, into the mind of the listener while allowing various "mode" changes.
The sound created from Isamu-YOU's impressive singing talent and Masatomo's definitive producing can be linked to the listener's feelings, sometimes in an emotional "mode", at other times in a colorful "mode, with a corresponding screen drawn on a pure white screen.
In November 2013, it was decided to release the TV animation "Kinkitsune (gold fox)" closing track 'Moonlight Story' - breathing new life into the world of anime songs with birth of the team's rising star.

Isamu-You (Isamu Hayashi)
Born April 2nd
In Kanagawa Prefecture
Affiliated with Ken Productions

As a voice actor, his main work has been the dubbing of foreign movies. However, in recent years he has played many parts in anime that really give off a sense of presence. His impressive singing talent means that he can manage to sing any style and makes him a leading vocal talent within the voice acting community.

Appearances in Foreign Movies
The role of Peter Pan in “Peter Pan 2”
The role of Justin Bieber in “Never Say Never”
The role of Kevin in “Home Alone 2”
The role of Grover Underwood in “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”
The role of Jack in “My Boy Jack”
The role of Louis in “Even Stevens ”
In addition to these, Isamu-YOU has also acted in numerous other roles.

Appearances in Anime
The role of Smokey Brown in “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures”
The role of Bonbeman in “TIGER & BUNNY”
The role of Yatagarasu in “Yu-Gi-Oh! King - ZEXAL II”
The role of Toshihiko Maekawa in “Ookiku-Furikabutte (Throw it Hard)”
The role of Taichi in “Danboru Senki (Cardboard Warriors)”
The role of Makotoware Kinoshita in “Chiharafuru 2”
In addition to these, Isamu-YOU has also acted in numerous other roles.

Masatomo (Masatomo Ota)
Born February 26th
In Aichi Prefecture
He is a producer of compositions, arrangements and music who has worked with many voice actors, and artists' compositions and arrangements, and who inspires complete confidence in the poetic flavored works he produces. The sound he creates maximizes the individual character of the artist and the message of the work; making it sound that you have to listen to!

Music Produced
Artist: Yukari Tamura
“Hohoemi no Puremajyu (A Feathered Smile)” - composition & arrangement
“W:Wonder tale” - composition & arrangement
“Fantastic future” - composition & arrangement

Artist: Suzuko Mimori
“Aitai Yo…. Aitai Yo! (Oh how I want to see you!)” _ composition & arrangement
Artist: Shoko Nakagawa
“Tsuyogari (Bravado)” _ composition & arrangement
Masatomo has also been involved in producing numerous other works for artists and anime.