Chilli Beans.


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Three-piece band Chilli Beans. was formed in 2019 by members Moto (vocals), Maika (bass and vocals), and Lily (guitar and vocals). With songs stuck in your head after listening only once, their vocal talent and melody contain rock-and-next-generation fusion, making it an attractive neo-garage style. In August 2021, they released their first Digital EP, and the song included, “lemonade” which ranked No.1 in the daily rankings and No.3 in the weekly ranking in Spotify’s Viral 50-Japan chart. Their recognition sky-rocketed, primarily within social media among many generations! They continue to show their outstanding songwriting and masterful chorus skills, as well as top-notch performances in their live shows. In March 2022, they released their second Digital EP, Daydream. “Tremolo” was selected for ROSETTE’s “夢見るバーム” commercial song. On top of this, their second Digital Single, “マイボーイ” released on April 13, was selected for the opening theme song of the MBS TV drama series “モトカレ←リトライ.” On July 13, 2022, they released their 1st Full Album as a band, Chilli Beans. In June, they hosted “Dancing Room 002” in Tokyo and Osaka, which like March’s “Dancing Room 001”, was quickly sold out. On September 9, they held their first solo live performance, “1st Oneman Live Chilli Beans. Room,” at LIQUIDROOM ebisu, which was also sold out and a big success. This November, they’ve confirmed their first domestic tour, Chilli Beans. solo live tour “Hi, TOUR”. This band that is about to make the next breakthrough continues to grow more and more each day.