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Born in the United States but raised in Japan, Kazuo has never felt like he belonged anywhere. The Japanese-African-American musician got his start in the New York City music scene, frequently participating in street cyphers to showcases around the city. It wasn’t too long after that Kazuo would start putting out his own music. The self-taught one-person band would later build a following on his Youtube and Tiktok which caught the attention of labels. Kazuo’s songs are an ambiguous spin on rap, punk, pop, indie, and alternative with bilingual lyrics in which unless you understand both English & Japanese, would require multiple listens to fully comprehend (in a good way).  Apart from his solo work, Kazuo tours with the Japanese funk band ALI, who have done music for the hit anime Jujutsu Kaisen and Beastars. Kazuo is the first ever Japanese rap artist to perform in Saudi Arabia and was listed on i_D’s 7 bilingual artists to look out for.

Past overseas live appearances

2020/8/1 Joy Ruckus Club (Live Streaming)