Kano 鹿乃

Kano / Compass Song

Kano / Nadamesukashi

Kano / Powerless God at The Stroke of Midnight


Teichiku Entertainment, Inc.


An incredible new vocal talent, Kano started out uploading her own videos and now has a number of anime hits under her belt, partly thanks to her massive fan base on social media. Her voice commands an incredible combination of kindness and strength. Well known for clear, clean quality of her voice, she is able to fluidly adjust her vocal tone to perfectly match the song she is singing. She also happens to be a gifted composer and lyricist.

Her first upload was a cover song in January of 2010 and today her total views number more than 27 million. In May, 2015, she made her major debut with her opening theme song "Stella-rium" for TV anime "Wish Upon the Pleiades". 2016 saw the release of her first album "nowhere", which was followed by "Alstroemeria" in 2017.

In June, 2018, her streaming-only single "Fall Into Spring"(Haru ni ochite) was so in demand that it was used at the ending theme for 3 separate series simultaneously, TOKYO MX1's anime "Jikken-hin Kazoku: Creatures Family Days", Sun TV's "Akina, Wagyu, Einstein's Batsuuketina" , and TV Saitama's "Taiki! Murisukapolice".

In October, 2018, she was asked to create the ending theme for the TV anime "Voice of the Fox". 

Up until now, every single she has released has been used as an anime theme song.

Kano is currently a regular on FM-FUJI's "Kano's Bambino Radio".





2018年6月に配信限定シングル「春に落ちて」がTOKYO MX1 TVアニメ「実験品家族 -クリーチャーズ・ファミリー・デイズ-」EDテーマとサンテレビ「アキナ・和牛・アインシュタインのバツウケテイナー」EDテーマとテレビ埼玉「待機!無理スカポリス」EDテーマのトリプルタイアップに。