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Artist, songwriter, lyricist, and producer.  A versatile singer whose rock-based music incorporates everything from folk to electronica, with a unique style that’s distinctly his own. Popular among teenagers and 20-somethings for his ability to take the universal themes of adolescence, like love and infatuation, and depict them with exquisite lyrics in a way that feels completely true-to-life. His career began in October 2008 when he started uploading VOCALOID works, and his videos have been played over 200 million times. He’s produced artists like Shoko Nakagawa (Shokotan), MEG, OTKO, Daisu x Daisu, Bouno!, Ko Shibasaki, and Q’ulle. He does tie-up songs and songwriter for other artists, while continuing to release new VOCALOID works in preparation for his next album.

April 2010 1st Album “Sou Ai Sei Ri Ron” (Debut Album)
December 2010 2nd Album “Aimai Elegy”
July 2012 3rd Album “LOVE CALENDER”
December 2013 Best Hits Album “DECO*27 VOCALOID COLLECTION 2008-2012”
March 2014 4th Album “Conti New”
September 28th 2016 5th Album “GHOST”
May 22nd 2019 6th Album “Android Girl”