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Do you want to know more about the Asian music market? If you do, TIMM can help you. This year’s webinar includes “On the front lines of the Asian music business” which will talk about music market updates in Thailand, Taiwan and Japan, and “Diggin’ Japanese Popular Music with guest speakers in LA, London and Paris” by Music Influencer Nick Luscombe. These webinars are available for registered TIMM delegates only.

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November 4 (Wed) 

① 13:00 -

The Music Business in the 5G Era

Overview: In the spring of 2020, 5G service was unexpectedly launched amid the coronavirus pandemic. How will the music industry evolve in the age of 5G? We will explore the new possibilities in the music business that the 5G era is paving the way for, such as the “Shibuya 5G Entertainment Project and Virtual Shibuya, which use the latest technology specialized for entertainment.

Moderator: Ichiro Miura (Director of innovation, KDDI)
Speakers: Shinko Osada (Director of the Board, Future Design Shibuya), Naohiro Ukawa (Contemporary Artist)

② 15:00 -
How to Make the Most of Past Music Catalogs in the COVID-19 Era

COVID-19 has had an immeasurably negative impact on the music industry, but at the same time, the growing demand for music as a companion during the stay home movement is a positive phenomenon we are seeing throughout the world. With the production of new music subjected to restrictions, the use of past catalogs is receiving more attention than ever before, bringing with it the potential for hits that cross international borders to arise. In this seminar, music concierge, Fukuryu, who possesses a deep knowledge of everything from CDs to streaming, will discuss the theme of utilizing past music catalogs from a broad range of perspectives including CDs, streaming, video apps, and overseas hits.

Moderator/Speaker: Fukuryu (Music Concierge)

③ 17:00 -

Music Business and International Cooperation in the Post-Covid Era
- Focusing on Online Platform and Asia Pacific Regional Alliance -
Presented by WIN & IMCJ in corporation with Merlin

Merlin provides invaluable digital licensing service to independent labels and artists, who expand their business to the global market and enjoy incremental revenue sources and opportunities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made music business abroad difficult, however, especially for independent companies that lack global locations. Even after the end of lockdowns, traveling or conducting direct operations outside of one's country will not be easy. There is a new motivation to shift the focus to opportunities abroad and partnerships to promote international cooperation. An Asia-Pacific alliance could help independent labels in the region exchange knowledge and resources to work towards commons objectives in the post-COVID era, such as promoting diversity, advocating for a level playing field and improving business practice.

Keynote: Merlin Presentation

Speaker: Jeremy Sirota, CEO of Merlin

WIN’s commitment for global network and digital environment

Speaker: Charlie Phillips, COO of Worldwide Independent Network (WIN)

Panel Discussion: “International cooperation in the post-Covid era: a proposal to form an alliance in the Asia Pacific region”

Moderator : Noemi Planas(Network Development Director, WIN)

Speakers : Tatsuya Nomura(President of FMPJ & Hip Land Music, Japan), Jeffrey Chiang(Global Business Manager, LIAK / Fluxus Music, South Korea), Alessandro Pavanello (International Manager, IMCO / Kanjian Music, China), Dr. Asugan Pechi Muthu(CEO, One Stop Music, Malaysia)(Case study with Oliver Knust, Director, IMICHILE, LATAM Network Initiative)

November 5 (Thu)

① 13:00 -

Music Ally Japan Digital Summit in TIMMCultivating Music Marketing Professionals – The Future of the Japanese Music Industry a Digital Transformation Perspective
Co-organizer: Music Ally Japan

These days digital marketing skills are essential in the global music market. Japan is still in the initial stages of putting these skills to use, but as the shift to digital progresses, they will soon become an imperative. It can also be said that strengthening the skills and training the workforce in line with the demands of the times will create a positive future for Japan’s music industry. In the first part of this seminar, we will conduct interviews from Germany as a case study that has overcome similar issues to Japan in the realm of digital transformation. The second part of the seminar will be geared towards those who want to learn practical digital marketing skills with a panel discussion of the issues surrounding methods and personnel training and specific actions that must be taken in order to achieve a digital shift in Japan’s music industry.


Speakers: Johannes Scholz(Marketing Manager, IRRSIN Tonträger GmbH), Amke Block(Head of Music Ecosystem Development, Surround)


Moderator : Jay Kogami(Digital Music Journalist / Editor-inChief “All Digital Music” Music Business Media)

Speakers : Kazunari Imai (Executive Producer, PONY CANYON INC.), Yuuki Kaneko (Vice President, Japan, The Orchard)

② 15:00 -

#Let the Music Play – Live Entertainment in Europe Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Co-organizer: ACPC (All Japan Concert & Live Entertainment Promoters Conference)

The novel coronavirus has had a deep impact on the live entertainment industry in every country of the world. In this seminar, we will report on the situation in Europe with a special focus on the United Kingdom while taking a look at the support measures governments have instituted for the live entertainment industry. We will also highlight the steps that have been taken by each layer, including promoters, facility providers, and organizations in this era of life with the coronavirus.

Moderator : Mitsuya Fujimoto(Director, Brave Little Tunes)

Speakers : Greg Parmley(Managing Director at International Live Music Conference/Chair of the UK Live Music Group)、John Langford(President of the European Arena Association/Chief Operating Officer AEG Europe)、Mark Davyd(Music Venue Trust CEO & Founder)

③ 17:00 -

Diggin’ Japanese Popular Music with the Guest Speakers in LA, London and Paris

In recent years, Japanese city pop, jazz, and ambient music have become hot topics among music lovers around the world. At this year’s TIMM, London and Tokyo-based DJ, producer, and broadcaster Nick Luscombe invites guest speakers from different cities around the world to explore their passion for Japanese popular music. Nick and the speakers will also recommend their favorite selections, which they will play for you.

* This seminar is geared toward overseas participants and will be held in English only (no subtitles).

Moderator : Nick Luscombe (An experienced BBC radio broadcaster, producer, DJ and music / playlist curator with a varied career with numerous companies including iTunes, Google Play, BBC and the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Also the founder of the music/architecture practice Musicity.)

Speakers : Yosuke Kitazawa– Los Angeles, California, US (Japan-born, California-raised reissue record producer known for his work on Light In The Attic Records' Japan Archival Series. Nominated for a Grammy in 2020 as a producer for the compilation Kankyō Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990.), Darrel Sheinman - London, UK (Founder, Gearbox Records Ltd, the UK’s leading vinyl record label with technical production house), Elvin Pagiras – Paris, France (General Manager Modulor / Modulor Japan, Exclusive distributor for labels such as Sub Pop, Secretly Canadian, Daptone Records, Glitterbeat and produce/license records through our in-house labels)


① 13:00 -

Current Status and Issues with the EU’s Copyright Directive – Value Gap, Safe Harbours, Article 17-
Co-organizer: Music Publishers Association of Japan

The EU/European directive on copyrights was approved and announced on May 17, 2019 and came into force in June of the same year. The member states of the EU must now introduce laws within their own countries that support this directive by June 2021. In order to facilitate the smooth establishment and execution of domestic legislation within each member state, guidelines are currently being formulated on how to manage Article 17, which has raised concerns among DSPs in particular. Charles Mikami, Chairman of the Global Business Committee at MPA will act as moderator welcoming ICMP Director General, John Phelan and Sony/ATV President of International, Guy Henderson to speak from a music publisher’s perspective, and Executive Chair of the indies label association IMPALA, Helen Smith to speak from a label perspective. They will report on the current situation and discuss the issues they are facing in their respective positions. We hope this will be an opportunity to reorganize and rethink the roles and relationships of rights holders, businesses, and user involved in the digital music business in Japan.

Moderator : Charles Mikami (Board of Director, Global Business Committee Chairman,  Music Public Association of Japan (MPAJ) / Representative Director, Sony Music Publishing (Japan) Inc.)

Speakers : John Phelan (Director General, ICMP), Guy Henderson (Sony/ATV President, International), Helen Smith (Executive Chair, IMPALA)

② 15:00 -
On the Front Lines of the Asian Music Business

Each country and region of Asia, including Japan, has its own unique business environment resulting in those in the music industry in Europe and North America often looking upon the Asian music market as something mysterious. Even for those living in Asia, trying to keep up with the latest status of the music business in neighboring countries or regions can be a major challenge. We will therefore hold a panel discussion featuring three Japanese involved in various aspects of the music business in Japan, Greater China, and Thailand. What are the popular styles of listening to music and popular platforms? How has COVID-19 influenced the music industry? What kinds of new music business challenges are there? All of these questions and more will be discussed as they relate to the situations in the various countries and regions of Asia. We hope people from around the world will get a feel for the passion of the music business in Asia!

Moderator : Takuya Yamazaki (Attorney-at-Law, Founder and Managing Partner of Field-R Law Offices)

Speakers : Shinichiro Honda(Vice President, Hall Operation Division, Zepp Hall Network Inc.)、Ginn(An owner of music label "dessin the world" for supporting Japanese and Thai indie scene)