The 19th Tokyo International Music Market 2nd day start.
Business seminars are on the stream TIMM ONLINE.



The 19th Tokyo International Music Market (19thTIMM) 2nd day started, October 18th.
Tonight, 5performers will be viewed on YouTUbe and TIMMONLINE.
The performers and Start time are…

October 18th Tue.

10:00pm ~  DENSYA
10:10pm ~  Ekotumi
10:35pm ~  NANO
11:00pm ~  Kazuo
11:25pm ~  ulma sound junction

The Business Seminars start to be held from today to tomorrow in daytime.
The theme are…

Date:Oct. 18th(tue)11:00am(JST)

Theme: "The real current situation and future of music festivals and events around the world"

Shotaro Tsuda/Festival Life, the chief editor

Andy Jones/FOCUS Wales, Co-Founder & Music Programmer (UK)
Evelyn Sieber/Reeperbahn Festival, Head of Sales & Partnerships (Germany)

Language: English&Japanese

Date:Oct. 18th(tue)2:00pm(JST)

Theme: "Generation Z music situation"

Yui Yamaguchi/Composer, Music Producer, Marketing Planner

Language: Japanese

Date:Oct. 18th(tue)4:30pm(JST)

Theme: "Entertainment market strategy in the Middle East"

Moderator:Akira Takatoriya/Businessman at an entertainment company

Speaker:Kaoru Wada/Composer


TIMM ONLINE" will offer the same online services as those offered at the real venues, including business matching and networking for music industry professionals from Japan and abroad, as well as business seminars, presentations, and live showcase events.
For more information on registration, please see the below URL.