Schedule confirmed for 16th Tokyo International Music Market (16th TIMM) Business Seminars



We are pleased to announce the schedule for 16th TIMM business seminar panels.

In these seminars, to help develop Japanese music in the overseas markets, focusing on noteworthy trends, we will hold eight seminars with various speakers and moderators,from the domestic and international music markets.

<16Th TIMM Business Seminar panels>

October 28th (mon)


Co-organizer : MCIP Holdings Co.,LTD
Report on the Songwriting Camp Held in Taipei Geared Toward the Asian Market

Participants of the songwriting camp held in September 2019 in Taiwan will provide a report of the camp and speak about the potential for co-writing in the Asian region in the form of a panel discussion.

Ryo Ito (Magonodaimade Production, Inc Producer/Songwriter) 

Ippei Haino (Vice President, Label Group 1, Sony Music Labels Inc.)
Justin Cho (One Asia Music Inc. Creative Director)
JerryC (Yellout Music Chairman, Sony Music Entertainment TW A&R Director)


VTubers Now and in the Future; Strategies and Prospects

L: Tadashi Nagatani | R: Takeshi Osaka

They appear in TV commercials and shows, on the news, and perform as music artists. VTubers are a new category of performer finding an increasing number of opportunities to be in the limelight. We have invited 3 leaders of the VTube industry to TIMM to speak about the current state of the industry and an exploration of its issues and future possibilities, such as overseas expansion, from a music perspective.

Tadashi Nagatani (President, Highball, Inc) 

Ryosuke Tanaka (President, VIC inc.)
Takeshi Osaka (CEO, Activ8 Inc.) 


Co-organizer : ACPC All Japan Concert & Live Entertainment Promoters Conference) Supported by British Council

Music Without Barriers – improving accessibility to live entertainment

Japan’s live entertainment industry is entering a period of transformation toward the realisation of an inclusive society. Raising awareness of disabling barriers and promoting understanding of LGBTQ are now common themes around the world. In this seminar, UK live music accessibility charity Attitude is Everything will share their work supporting the UK’s live music industry to improve accessibility for disabled fans and artists. The session will end with a panel discussion on the key things Japan’s industry can do to break down barriers to participation in live music.

Manami Yuasa (Head of Arts, British Council) 

Gideon Feldman (Head of Programmes, Attitude is Everything)
Jacob Adams (Head of Research and Campaigns, Attitude is Everything)
Nobuhiro Nagai (ALL JAPAN CONCERT & LIVE ENTERTAINMENT PROMOTERS CONFERENCE Director / Live Entertainment Lab. Vice President)


Status of So-called “Unauthorized Music Apps” and Counter Activities of the Music Industry

So-called “Unauthorized Music Apps” that stream brand-new music tracks for free of charge, such as MusicFM, have gained a huge popularity among younger generation users in Japan. Those apps have been seriously damaging music right holders by facilitating and promoting the use of unauthorized music and have also affected healthy development of legitimate music services. The presenters will brief the status of those apps and counter activities conducted by music organizations and relevant parties.

Yoichiro Hata (Director General, the Recording Industry Association of Japan)
Akihiko Takahashi (Chief Operation Officer, LINE MUSIC Corporation)

October 29th (tue)


Co-organizer : Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) & Independent Music Coalition Japan (IMCJ)

WIN : A Gateway to the Global Community -Opportunity and Challenge of Independents

The global nature of the modern music business presents unique challenges and opportunities for the independent sector. How can independent labels and their local associations benefit from being part of a global community, with a united front on key issues and a focus on growing international business opportunities? Members of the panel represent many regions of the world, and will discuss their experience of working with the international independent network. They will give an overview of key developments, opportunities and observations from their own experiences, and assess how these may apply to the Japanese independent sector.  

Charlie Phillips (COO, Worldwide Independent Network (WIN)) 

Justin West (Chairman, WIN)
Helen Smith (Executive Chair, IMPALA)
Richard James Burgess (President & CEO, A2IM (American Association of Independent Music))
Carlos Mills (President, ABMI (Brazilian Association of Independent Music))
Takashi Kamide (CEO, IMCJ (Independent Music Coalition Japan))


Digital and Social Marketing in China. The Present, the Possibilities and the Future

Discussing current situations and trends on digital and social marketing in China. How do we approach the market and what are the strategies we need to take? At this panel, the panelists will touch on the new opportunities in the Chinese market and how we can embrace the big trend in the region.

Rob Schwartz (Asia Bureau Chief, Billboard magazine)
Alan Swarts (Co-Founder/CEO, BREAKER INC.)
Tanya Tang (Greater China Team Leader, BREAKER INC.)
Allen Hao (CEO of StarStation)
Julie Zhu (founder of Sta  Station)


Keynote Talk
The Continuously Changing Relationship Between the Media and Music, and its Future Prospects

The media and music have always been influenced by the changing times and closely related to each other. In an era where everything is increasingly concentrated on smartphones, how should we move forward with media in order to further promote the development of the music market? The talk will examine examples from the past while offering suggestions to the music makers responsible for tomorrow's industry.  

Takeshi Nakai (Hip Land Music Corporation, Chairman / Space Shower Networks Inc., Consultant / Artist Commons, Chairman)
Hikaru Tsuyuri (FM802, President)
Fumio Miura (Kansai University Faculty of Sociology, Professor / Artist Commons, Board Chairman)


Japanese Companies' Approach to the Overseas Market and the Professionals Behind the Endeavors

Inviting leaders of Japanese corporations aggressively approaching the global music and entertainment market, this panel will discuss the latest examples of their international endeavors in their playing fields, market characteristics, and future outlook.

Mark Yokozawa (CEO, ASSOSIA Co., Ltd.)
Hideaki Shimizu (President and CEO of MCIP Holdings Co.Ltd. / Executive Vice President of Yoshimoto Kogyo Holdings Co.,Ltd.)
Frank Takeshita (President, Live Nation Artist Development & Touring - Japan -)
Terao Budha (Big Romantic Entertainment CEO)