Born at Fukuoka in 1999. after graduated from the senior high school, works as a normal employee in Kanagawa, and started the broadcast on “TwitCast” as a hobbit.
Started uploading cover tracks because the friends’ invited, generally share the clips on TikTok and Youtube.

Since the first clip, there are already 105 clips be shared on platform.

Powerful and husky tone of voice is the signature.
To sing the rock and ballad song with the signature, make the songs more emotional, the clip be shared on Youtube called “(天ノ弱)Ama no Jaku”, which is arranged by piano, the famous track in “VOCALOID”, this clip is reached 5 million views. The same clip on TikTok is earned 261 thousand of positive reaction.

Over 178 thousand subscribers on YouTube channel, and 300 thousand followers on TikTok, the whole new genre of SNS singer.