Suzuko Mimori 三森すずこ




She met with the president of Bushiroad, Takaaki Kidani, during one of her stage musicals which led to her being offered a chance to become a voice actress and auditioning for her first role in 2008. Prior to that, Mimori was enrolled at Komazawa University but dropped out to concentrate on her voice acting projects. From July to October 2009, Mimori was a member of the singing group Cutie Pai as Suzy (which is the diminutive form of her given name). In 2012, Mimori started appearing on variety television shows and in musical activities as one of the four lead members of the Milky Holmes voice acting unit, which is named after the television show as the same name. From 2011 to 2016, Mimori was member of a mini unit in the Love Live! multimedia project, Lily White, alongside Aina Kusuda and Riho Iida.

生年月日 6月28日
 星座 蟹座
 血液型 AB型
 出身地 東京都
 趣味 料理、観劇、歌
 所属 響
 経歴 『探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ』『ラブライブ!』『少女☆歌劇 レヴュースタァライト』など数多くのアニメに出演。2013年のアーティストデビュー以降、高いライブパフォーマンスで人気を博し、2020年2月にはソロライブ「mimokokoromo」をLINE CUBE SHIBUYAにて開催、大好評を得た。近年では自身のアーティスト活動を精力的に展開する事に加え、新人女性声優ユニット「DIALOGUE+」への「パジャマdeパーティ」の作詞提供などマルチな才能を披露している。