Gakuto Kajiwara 梶原岳人


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[Solo singer]
From Osaka, Gakuto Kajiwara was born on November 28. Active as a voice actor, he has starred in many roles including Asta in the TV anime “Black Clover,” the role of Shinra Kusakabe in the TV anime “Fire Force,” and the role of Hiiro Ryugazaki in the TV anime “Shadowverse.” He received the 14th Voice Actor Award New Actor Award in 2020.  He showed his expressive ability and high vocal skill in music-related works such as Hiiro Amagi〔ALKALOID〕in “Ensemble Starts!!” and Allen Sugasano〔BAE〕in “Paradox Live.” In November 2020, he made his artist debut with “A Walk,” the 12th season ending theme song for the TV anime “Black Clover” and was able to express himself in new ways and deliver music that he grew up with .