Shimanchunu Takara / BEGIN


Teichiku Entertainment, Inc.


All members hail from Ishigaki Island in Okinawa. Their debut came with “Koishikute” in 1990. Many more releases were to follow, with even more live performances.

Their best-known songs “Shimanchu No Takara”, “Nada Soso”, “Egao no Manma” are beloved and sung by men and women of all ages, with their recent single “Umi No Koe” garnering even more fans. In recent years they have begun performing at overseas events, including Hawaii and Brazil, garnering fans ranging all ages with songs that run the gamut from blues to island ditties.

With their fusion of original samba “Marcha” and local dialect “Shiyoyo” from the Yaeyama Islands, they gave birth to the “Marcha Chora”, a new style of Japanese music never before heard of, whose addictive rhythm has brought together a multitude of fans from all over the globe.

In March 2021 they celebrated 31 glorious years together and vowed to continue bringing their music to the world.

Past overseas live appearances