dreamBoat / MUGENDAI Sailing

Fudanjuku / Ikirukoto wa tōtoi ni kimatten daro

ael / Dreamer

EUPHORIA / Be Yourself


Teichiku Entertainment, Inc.


Teaming up with “DANSOU”(dressing like boys) pioneers FUDANJUKU, newly minted up-and-coming groups ael and EUPHORIA joined forces in 2019 to create the unstoppable new ALL GIRL “Boy Band” project dreamBoat!

Following this, each unit continued along their own separate glorious paths while coming together to perform at the Danpara Festival held in Tokyo and Osaka, uniting female fans from their teens to their twenties across the globe.

December 1, 2021 will see the release of their first original single!

Past overseas live appearances

Hong Kong(Fudanjuku)