Nulbarich - MAGIC WAYS (Original by Tatsuro Yamashita)

Nulbarich - A New Day feat. Phum


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     Nulbarich, produced by singer-songwriter JQ, released their first album, Guess Who? in 2016 featuring songs used in commercials for Honda and other globally recognized brands, and attracting attention on the Japanese pop/rock scene.  A mere two years later, in 2018, they successfully sold out one of Japan’s largest concert venues, the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.  

     JQ’s background as a beat maker has evolved into the band’s current style, a combination of live music and sampled beats creating a groovy sound that blends seamlessly with JQ’s mix of English and Japanese vocals culminating in original emotional, pop melodies.  Their latest album, New Gravity released in 2021, features collaborations with a variety of both Japanese and overseas artists, including Thai singer-songwriter Phum Viphurit.

     Nulbarich has opened for Jamiroquai in Tokyo in 2017 and is to make a guest appearance at Lauryn Hill’s scheduled Tokyo show and have successfully toured in China, Taiwan, and South Korea.  As part of an ongoing 2022 project “AREA DIP” which is designed to introduce artists that represent city cultures of various Asian countries to the world, JQ has acted as a curator for a special club event presented as part of this year’s Summer Sonic Festival in August, inviting SE SO NEON from South Korea and Phum Viphurit from Thailand.

     The latest offering from Nulbarich is "Magic Ways", their first cover  with all English lyrics, written and originally recorded by Tatsuro Yamashita in 1984.

     Nulbarich’s updated, contemporary city pop continues to attract attention from around the world as they look to expand their activities beyond Japan.