"Aiming to further increase the collection of copyright royalties for the usage of Japanese music overseas" [Co-organizer] Music Publishers Association of Japan
October 19th (wed) 3:00pm (JST)



Japanese music is distributed and streamed in various forms on YouTube and other DSPs in the world, and it is too difficult for music publishers and other rights holders in Japan to confirm whether copyright royalty fees are being collected accurately.

At the suggestion of Meserk, LLC, a company that helps maximize the collection of copyright royalties, a demonstration experiment was conducted, and a certain amount of revenue was realized.

In order to further increase royalty collection and revenues, we invited Breaker Inc. (ORFIUM Japan), who is engaged in similar activities as Meserk, LLC, to talk about the above theme.

Prior to above, YouTube (Google) Inc. will provide an explanation on "the concept of revenue and distribution from overseas for Japanese music copyrights on YouTube" in the first half of the session.

[Co-organizer] Music Publishers Association of Japan

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