Koi ga owaru oto

Prince on the White Horse and Rose-colored Me


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From the southern Alps of Japan comes the clear and pure voice of KAYA, the “Holy Voice.”

She embarked on the path to becoming a serious singer from an early age, starting with piano at the age of 5, then receiving the gold prize at the “Kawauta Contest” at 9. During her 3rd year of junior high she won the gold at Japan’s premier nursery rhyme song contest, “31st Annual National Children’s Nursery Singing Grand Prix”, adult division. Following that, she was admitted to the Kai Seikaito High School’s music program as a scholarship student.  In her second year of high school, she was named champion at the “NHK NODO JIMAN Yamanashi Competition”, which later led to her being scouted by a large agency when appearing at the national tournatment. In that same year, she shined as Japan’s number one at “TV Asahi’s Music Champ Best Singer Finals.” It was after this that lyricist Yo Hitoto named her the "Holy Voice", praising her as being blessed with a spiritually moving instrument that is capable of penetrating and purifing people's hearts. On TV Tokyo’s “The Karaoke Battle”, her singing brought Kanako Yanagihara to tears, and world-famous singer Janis Ian fell in love with her voice. She has also appeared as a singer on YouTube’s Kumaba Channel, which boasts 380 million views and currently music videos she has appeared in have been viewed over 2 million times, leading to our prediction that KAYA will be the next break out star.


5歳からピアノを初め、9歳で『カワイうたのコンクール関東大会』で金賞を獲得し幼少の頃から本格的に歌手の道を目指しはじめる。中学3年生で童謡歌唱日本一を競うコンテスト『第31回全国童謡こどもの歌コンクール 大人部門グランプリ大会』で金賞を獲得する。その後、甲斐清和高等学校の音楽科に特待生として進学。高校2年生で『NHK「のど自慢」山梨県大会』でチャンピオンに輝き、『NHK「のど自慢」チャンピオン大会』に出場し、それをキッカケに事務所からスカウト。同年「テレビ朝日『音楽チャンプ』~歌うま日本一決定戦~」で見事日本一に輝く。そしてこの度、作詞で関わった一青窈が、人の心に沁み入り浄化されて行くような神聖な歌声と称賛し『ホーリーボイス』と名付ける。テレビ東京「THEカラオケ★バトル」で彼女の歌声を聴いた柳原可奈子が思わず涙を流し、世界的シンガーのジャニス・イアンもその歌声に惚れ込んだ。またYouTube総再生回数3.8億回の「クマーバチャンネル」の歌い手として活動する2つの顔を持つ。