Tokyo Rickshaw 東京力車

Tokyo Rickshaw

Sole!~Omanta Hayashi~

Tomo yo ~Yume no tabinin~


Teichiku Entertainment, Inc.


Asaka, Tokyo, a tourist mecca that is the destination of visitors from not only Japan but all over the world.  There can be found young people with brilliant smiles and energetic voices that introduce the area via the traditional rickshaw.  The “SHAFU”, as they are called, are experts in the rich cultural history of the Asakusa and the histocial neighborhoods of Tokyo or “Old Edo” and daily transport visitors back in time with their peerless hospitality. The cream of the crop of the SHAFU have come together to create this special musical unit, Tokyo Rickshaw.

日本のみならず海外からも多くの観光客が集まる街、東京・浅草。その浅草で一際、笑顔で活気のある声を張りながら、人力車にて観光案内をする若者達がいる。人力車を引っ張る彼らを "俥夫" と呼び、花のお江戸・東京の下町情緒、江戸風情があふれる浅草を人力車で日々ご案内をし、日本のおもてなし精神で多くの観光客を楽しませている。その人力車をひっぱる現役俥夫が結成したユニット "東京力車"。