Daochi Miura 三浦大知


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He was debuted nine years old, a member of the Dance & Vocal Group, “Folder” Since 2005, he has been active as a solo singer / dancer. He did choreographs and songwriting himself, and create a stage composition.
one of the best artists in Japan. The dancers who create the stage with him are top class dancers in Japan, Acting as a dancer for numerous artists. Daichi has appointed those dancers on the stage the earliest. In 2018, he was in charge of the theme song for the movie “Dragon Ball Super Broly”. The theme song “Blizzard” Music Video recorded over 48 million views.
And in 2019, He sang at the 30th anniversary ceremony of enthronement the Emperor’s.
In 2022, he will be in charge of the theme song for a Japanese national drama.