Masami Okui 奥井雅美


Bandai Namco Music Live Inc.


Birthday: March 13
Hometown: Itami, Hyogo Prefecture
Blood type: A
Height: 154cm
Hobbies: reading, traveling, people watching
Special skills: flour dishes (e.g. Okonomiyaki)
Motto: "Live straightforward without fear of change."
Favorite (influential) musicians: LAZY, Yumi Matsutoya, Mariya Takeuchi

Masami Okui was a backup singer for several artists including Yumi Matsutoya and in August 1993 she made her debut with “Dare yori mo zutto...” with King Records. She worked on several theme songs for major hit anime series such as “Slayers” and “Revolutionary Girl Utena” and provided music for several anime works.
She Joined “JAM Project” from 2003 and was also involved in producing music.
“JAM Project LIVE 2011-2012 GO!GO!GOING!!~Fumetsu no Zipang~” had 14 performances in Japan and “JAM Project LIVE 2011-2012 GO!GO!GOING!!~ARIGATO TOMODACHI~” had four performances around Asia for a total of 18 performances, and closed with their final performance in Japan at “Budokan 2Days”.
Masami Okui’s solo career was successful with her Shanghai, Beijing and Taiwan Asia tour in September in addition to her domestic tour in 2011.
In addition to performing every year at “Animelo Summer Live”, she performed at “Anisama in Shanghai -Only One-” held at the Shanghai Grand Stage in February 2011 and she is also planning to have another Asia tour this year.
On February 2, 2011, her much-awaited second self cover album “Self Satisfaction II” was released, which includes songs she chose from those provided for voice actors and other artists and songs that she sang herself.
On July 4, 2012, the album “Love Axel” was released by Lantis!
So far she has released a total of 55 singles, 25 albums, and 15 DVD/VIDEOs.

◆好きな(影響をうけた)ミュー ジシャン:LAZY、松任谷由実、竹内まりや

松任谷由実はじめ、数々のアーティストのバックコーラスを経て、1993年8月キングレコードより「誰よりもずっと」でデビュー。「スレイヤーズ」「少女革命ウテナ」な ど、超ヒットアニメ主題歌を数多く手がけ、アニメ作品等への楽曲提供も数多い。

2003年より「JAM Project」に加入、楽曲制作にも関わる。
「JAM Project LIVE 2011-2012 GO!GO!GOING!!~不滅のZIPANG~」は、 国内14公演、「JAM Project LIVE 2011-2012 GO!GO!GOING!!~ARIGATO TOMODACHI~」は、アジア4公 演となり、全18公演、国内最終公演は武道館2Daysで、 幕を閉じた。
奥井雅美ソロ活動として、2011年は国内ツアーの他に、9月に上海・北京・台湾のアジアツアーを成功させる。毎年出演している「Animelo Summer Live」 の他に、2011年2月、上海 大舞台にて開催された「Anisama in Shanghai -Only One-」 に出演、今年もアジアツアーを予定している。
2011年2月2日、声優・他アーティストに提供した楽曲から自身が選曲し、自ら歌った楽曲を収録したセルフ カバーアルバム待望の第2弾「Self Satisfaction ・」をリリース。
2012年7月4日、Lantisよりアルバム 「Love Axel」発売決定!

Past overseas live appearances

Sep 2011 Asia tour in Shanghai, Beijing and Taiwan
Feb 2011 “Anisama in Shanghai -Only One-” in Shanghai
2017 planning to have another Asia tou