Ayaka Tachibana 立花綾香


Teichiku Entertainment, Inc.


This consummate artist hails from Kumamoto, arriving in Tokyo with only her voice and a keyboard. Her songs come from a place deep within, bravely holding up her true self with dignity. Her career as singer/songwriter began in 2010, when she sang the theme song to her hometown, Kumamoto City: “Tokimeite Kumamoto”. In 2011, she received the honorable mention prize at YAMAHA’s 5th Music Revolution Final Grand Prix music competition. In January of 2016, she supplied the vocals for the group (K)NoW_NAME, whose music was used in anime “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash” and “Sakura Quest”, instantly earning her a legion of anime fans. She quickly released her first full album CHRONOS, which sold over 2000 copies, and followed it up with AQUARIUM, which became a #1 seller at Tower Records 6 weeks straight. In March of 2019 she performed at the Fukuoka music festival F-X2019, and in May of the same year she announced her major debut at Shibuya’s duo MUSIC EXCHANGE.



2011年、YAMAHA主催 The 5th Music Revolution 九州ファイナルにてグランプリ、ジャパンファイナルにて奨励賞を受賞。

2016年1月より、放映の東宝TV アニメ「灰と幻想のグリムガル」や「サクラクエスト」などを手掛けるクリエイティブユニット「(K)NoW_NAME」(ノウネーム)のボーカルに抜擢され、アニメファンからも高い評価を得る。同年2月「クロノス」、10月「アクアリウム」を立て続けに発売。「クロノス」は手売りのみで2,000枚以上のセールスを記録、「アクアリウム」はタワーレコード渋谷店の未流通アーティストを扱う「タワクル」で展開され、売上げランキング6週連続1位を記録。

2019年3月には、BEA 主催の福岡のフェス 「F-X2019」@Zepp FUKUOKA に出演。5月2日には 渋谷 duo MUSIC EXCHANGE にてワンマン「立花の変」を開催し、そこでメジャーデビューを発表した。