Nasuo なすお☆


NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan LLC


YouTube singer.

She has distributed numerous cover songs on YouTube. Her videos have become a hot topic, and her channel has 360,000 subscribers and more than 100 million total views.

She was selected as a finalist in the "Stairway to Music Station Ultra Audition" and her performance and singing ability were highly acclaimed.

Selected to sing the opening theme for the anime "Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie" airing in April 2022.

The opening theme "Honey Jet Coaster" has been played more than 5 million times on various music distribution services.

The song was ranked No. 1 on Spotify's "Viral Top 50 (Japan)" playlist for the week.

A little bit small Nasuo☆'s very big dream.

We look forward to the future of "Nasuo☆" who continues to run today.


数々のカバー曲をYouTubeに配信。その動画が話題となり、 チャンネル登録者数36万人、 総再生回数は1億回を突破。 「Mステへの階段ウルトラオーディション」ファイナリストへの 選出を始め、パフォーマンス、歌唱力など高い評価をうける中、 2022年4月放送アニメ「可愛いだけじゃない式守さん」 オープニングテーマに抜擢。 オープニングテーマ「ハニージェットコースター」は 各音楽配信サービスで500万回再生を突破、 Spotifyのプレイリスト「バイラルTOP50(日本)」では 週間ランキング1位を獲得。 ちょっと小さいなすお☆のすごく大きな夢。 今日も走り続ける「なすお☆」の今後に期待。