Luce Twinkle Wink☆


NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan LLC


An idol group of 5 founded in 2014 with a theme, “a sparkling moment to excitement!”

Continuing live activities, they were on stage in France’s Japan EXPO in 2015, followed by a major in November. Their 2nd single was chosen as an anime theme for “And You Thought There’s Never a Girl Online?”  They then debuted in anime song festival of 2017, “Animelo Summer Live 2017.”

Will release their first album in January 2018 and start their solo live tour.

Their performance enhance steadily at regular concerts of every two weeks and their synchronized dance attracts the fans.

【Representative Songs tied-in with Anime】

“1st Love Story”(OP song of TV anime “And You Thought There’s Never a Girl Online?”)

“go to Romance>>>>>”(ED song of TV anime “Urara Meiro Chou”)

“Fight on!” (ED song of TV anime “Gamers”)

“Symphony”(Main theme of “Neko Para OVA Koneko no Hi no Yakusoku”)

「輝く瞬間(トキ)をトキメキに!」をキャッチフレーズとして、2014年に結成された5人組アイドルグループ。精力的なライブ活動を続け、2015年にはフランスJAPAN EXPOの舞台に立ち、11月にはメジャーデビューを果たす。