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Been releasing cover songs on video-sharing websites since 2008 and capturing fans with his powerful singing prowess.

In 2013, he covered OP for TV anime “BROTHERS CONFLICT” and major debuted with “BELOVEDxSURVIVAL.”

In July 2017, he will release a full album, “EGOIST” with major creators as his staff. From August, he will start a live tour for 20 performances in total.

In 2014, released “~Outgrow~”, ED song of TV anime “Tokyo Ravens”.

The 3rd album “ZERO” was released and held the solo tour at 23 places in the nationwide in 2015. The final concert of this tour at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudou attracted his fans with the overwhelming performance. In October 2015, “Dreamer”, OP song of TV anime “STARMYU” was released. Keeping to perform at concerts energetically and increase the number of fans. He organized the event “Chan-Gero Sonic” by himself and more than 5,000 fans gathered in May 2018. In August, released the album “Gero the Best “Treasure” with the 5th anniversary from the major debut and held the tour with a different set list for 2-days concert in each place in the nationwide.

【Representative Songs tied-in with Anime】


“~Outgrow~” (OP song of TV anime ”Tokyo Ravens”)

“Dreamer”(OP song of TV anime of “STARMYU”)

2008年より動画投稿サイトにカヴァーソングを発表し、パワフルな歌唱スタイルでファンを獲得。2013年にTVアニメ「BROTHERS CONFLICT」OP主題歌「BELOVED×SURVIVAL」でメジャーデビュー。精力的なライブ活動を継続し、2017年7月には豪華クリエイター陣を迎えてのフルアルバム「EGOIST」をリリース。8月より全20公演にも及ぶライブツアーを開催。