Akira Takano 高野洸


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Name : Akira Takano
Japanese : 高野洸
Birthdate : July 22, 1997
Birthplace : Fukuoka, Japan

Akira Takano is a Japanese actor, singer.

Musical "Touken Ranbu" 2017/2019/2020
Musical "Hypnosis Mic" 2019/2021/2022
TV series "My beautiful Man" 2021
TV series "Tomorrow I will be Someone's girlfriend" 2022

He had been an active member of Dream5 since 2009.
They debuted with his first physical single "I don‘t obey -Bokurano Pride"
on November 2009.
They released "Yokaitaisodaiichi" that is Ending theme song of TV anime "Yo-kai Watch"
on April 2014.
As a solo artist, he debuted with his first physical single "LOVE STORY"
on 30 January 2019.

Akira Takano 1st Live Tour "ENTER"(2021)
Akira Takano 2nd Live Tour "AT CITY"(2022)