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Penthouse - Signpost


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     Penthouse is a six-piece outfit with male-female dual lead vocals.  The members are alumni of the same university student club that got together and formed Penthouse in 2019.  In addition to their original songs, they actively uploaded videos of covers in various genres of music with new arrangements on YouTube.

     Their original song "Could I Be Yours?" released digitally in May 2021 reached No. 1 on the iTunes Store Top Songs in R&B/Soul and No. 6 on Spotify’s Viral Chart.  In November, their first EP Living Room was released for distribution and gained the top position on the iTunes Store R&B/Soul Top Albums chart and No. 5 on the All Genres Top Albums chart.

     In January 2022, the band was selected as one of Spotify’s "RADAR: Early Noise 2022" acts, a program that identifies up-and-coming artists in Japan who are expected to take off in a given year, and in April, they wrote the theme song “Shooting Star” and the featured song “Signpost” for the TV drama Close Tail – Detective Academy-.  The band’s pop music sensibility combined with their background including music literacy have been convincing audience from across the spectrum.

     With soulful vocals by Shintaro Namioka and Maho Oshima at its core, plus the outstanding power to express by Hayato Sumino aka “Cateen” on keyboard, the solid rhythm section brings out maximum groove that is comfort to your ears.  Let Penthouse invite you into a sophisticated urban soundscape.