Kosetsu Minami 南こうせつ




Born in Oita Prefecture. Debuted in 1970.

He formed folk group "Kaguya Hime" and recorded a number of million sales such as "Kanda River", "Akachochin", "Sister". Even after the break-up, he released hit works such as "Summer Girl" and "Yume Ichiya" as solo. In 1975, he and Takuro Yoshida held japan's first outdoor all-night concert at Tsumagoi in Shizuoka. In September 2009, when his 60th birthday was celebrated, the legendary "Summer Picnic" was revived in "Tsumagoi", and about 20,000 people attended.

In commemoration of the 45th anniversary of his debut in September 2014, "Summer Picnic Love&Peace" was held in the plaza east of Osaka Expo. In February 2019, he released his 50th anniversary original album "There Was Always a Song" and the best album "50 Songs of Kosetsu Minami". In September 2021, he released his album "Wind of Dawn" and delivered a powerful message to people who suffers in the time of coronavirus.