Singer's High


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Singer's High
A 20-year-old young rock band that appeared out of blue in March 2020, formed under COVID-19 situation.
With unique high-tone voice that you can't forget once you hear it, and the rough and fresh beat and ensemble with the initial impulse. The world view of its lylics depicted is  tingling and realistic, and grab  rock fans not only their generation but all.

April 24, 2021 Tickets were sold out for the first show at Shindaita FEVER. And the first major cities tour named "It's like me flying into the flame" that took place in July ended with a great success at the tour final show at Shimokitazawa SHELTER, which were also sold out.
And finally October 20, 2021, the first nationwide distributed mini album "Love and Hate" will be released from KOGA RECORDS!