Ekotumi ・エコツミ・


Ekotumi performance photo in Lithuania

Ekotumi performance photo in shrine/Japan

Ekotumi Japanese mythology MV in Japan

Kate Bush like voice's MV with soundscapes from all over Japan

Ekotumi solo performance digest video in Lithuania

Ekotumi art project, hologram performance under covid19

Ekotumi Cinematographic song




Songwriter and singer, performer, dancer and artist inspired by Japanese mythology.
Ekotumi creates her own world by mixing ancient story with nowadays music and has developed the ‘Kojiki new translation series’ - a Japanese-style contemporary opera with a personal interpretation of Japanese mythology through song and dance.
Her voice is whisper but strong with high tones like Kate Bush.
Since 2015, she has performed concerts across the world. She also writes Japanese mythology long novels aside her singer career.
As an artist and was granted the prize ‘KDCC Northern Kyûshû digital creative contest’ with her collaborative art with Anderson Sudario.
Her performance video was chosen for the Berlin ‘WomenCinemakers Biennial2018’. She was also awarded the grand prize for the regional art festival MMM in 2021.

Under Covid 19, she created new style works like ‘Covid 19-20 project’, a collection of musical work using soundscape of the current world affected by Corona, or else ‘Spray chorus’, a work of art playing her music when someone approaches the sprays of antiseptic solutions, and hologram "Sukunabikona", a real music experience with 360 degree screen and sound system instead of real concert.

She currently performs as a unique artist who tells the world about Japanese mythology.

Past overseas live appearances

*In Paris, France; Solo performances New Translation Kojiki series ‘Amaterasu’ supported by METI
*In Vilnius, Lithuania; Solo performances New Translation Kojiki series ‘Izanami’, supported by METI
Special assistance of Vilnius city, Assistance of the Lithuanian Japanese ambassy, Under the auspice of The Japan Foundation
*In London, the UK; Solo performances as an official Japanese Embassy Season of Culture event, supported by EXPO 70' FUND
* Appeared in World Art Dubai; Opening performance, Dubai
* Appeared in Made in Asia, Brussels, in Japan Impact, Lausanne, in Japan Expo 20th-16th, Paris, in HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market, London
* Appeared in 1st Firenze Japanese Movie Festival 2010; Opening performance, Firenze
* Exhibition and appearance at ‘Exposition d’art contemporain japonais < AUTOMNE >’, Paris, and ‘Fragments du Japon’, Lavardens Castle