JiLL-Decoy association


Independent Music Coalition Japan (IMCJ)


Formed in 2002. The vocal is chihiRo, and the leader of the group, towada, is on the drums. With full of their love and the creative music based on jazz, pops, and rock&roll, their songs come along and attract many of their fans.

In 2013, the album, "JiLL-Deco 5 ", was awarded for "Songs of The Year" at "THE JAPAN RECORD AWARDS."

Their existence has been only one kind by participation in Billboard Live Tokyo, Tokyo Jazz Festival and other jazz festivals nationwide, and one of the biggest rock&roll festivals, RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL.

15th anniversary from their debut, "JiLL-Deco 'double'," will be released in 2021.


2002年結成。メンバーはchihiRo (vocal)、towada (drums,リーダー)。2006年メジャーデビュー。ジャズ/ポップス/ロックをベースにしたオリジナリティあふれる歌が多くのファンを魅了している。


ビルボードライブ東京や日本全国のジャズフェス、国内最大級のロックフェスRISING SUN ROCK FESTIVALにも出演。