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Born in Hikone City in Shiga Prefecture , January 26, 2000. Hooked on street dance from the age of three and won many competitions such as world championships. Everyone knows his ability in the Japanese dance scene, such as a judge for national competitions.
He became a leading expert on "Dance that everyone dances on TikTok" by taking advantage of his experience as a dancer, and made the song of unknown independent artists big hit with only dance choreography, and became a hot topic.
More than "1 million" people posted a video of dancing on TikTok at least.
In addition to dance, he started solo activities as an artist and rapper "$HOR1 WINBOY" in 2020. His song "Honey Bunny", which went large viral on TikTok, and became a big hit among young people.
He also choreographed the songs himself, and many TikToker danced the choreography, and now it is a song that everyone has heard at least once.
In 2021, he choreographed featuring song "Caffe e llatte" and "MIRAI" in addition to his own songs, and the songs became a big hit on Tik Tok, mainly among young people.and released EP "SUMMON".